New Offices and New Telephony

We have now moved into our new office space (Still within the same building but its a nice upgrade not to be sitting on top of one another!)

In addition to the more obvious benefits such as space, natural light and storage we have a new telephony solution.

We now host and manage our own VoIP solution built on Kerio Operator Cloud PBX, VoIP Unlimited SIP and Yealink T42S Handsets. First impressions are really good. The audio and call quality is far superior than the Polycom handsets we previously used that were hosted on BT's HVX platform.

For any admins used to working with Kerio the familiar interface is a welcome addition in assisting with setup and ongoing management.  The Kerio Operator PBX licenses are also free if you already subscribe to Kerio Cloud licensing. 

We expect to make a cost saving with the system paying for itself in less than 6 months, so financially it makes sense too.

If you are not familiar with all the benefits of VoIP in comparison to traditional telephony systems, or are not satisfied with your existing VoIP solution drop us a line and we can enlighten you!