Appreciation works both ways

There is an ethos at Roadmap IT that comes naturally. It is to provide genuine, honest and helpful advice and services to our customers that have their best interests at heart. On the whole, this approach is appreciated by our customers and it builds trust and long term relationships. We’ve always said that we are more than a supplier and many of our customers agree that we are team members, essential partners, friends or even extended family. This relationship is an essential part of our business.

IT systems can, and do fail and are often critical to businesses. Any disruption can cause anxiety and pressures for both the customer and the IT supplier. This is where the relationship and trust is essential. If the relationship is good, the customer will know we are doing everything we can to rectify the issue, this in turn generates the best from our team who happily go the extra mile as they know their efforts are being appreciated.

We recently undertook an installation at one of our customers sites in Truro. The project had been planned in detail and kit had been preconfigured and tested to make sure everything was working before attending site. During the project hardware failed in one of the key systems we were installing. It’s a rare scenario but obviously can happen. To make sure there was no disruption to our customer the team at Roadmap worked from 8AM - 3AM for two days in a row. This is a great example of appreciation working both ways, Roadmap went the extra mile to minimise any disruption for the customer and in turn the customer recognised our efforts and remains very grateful for all the hard work that took place. The customer was also impressed that everything was done with a smile, and fun was had by all during the work. This last and very important point was only possible because everyone involved appreciated the efforts and understanding from all sides.