Synology 2020


Highlights of Products and Features Announced at Synology 2020

DiskStation Manager 7.0

Storage Manager

  • New user interface with a unified view of the entire storage structure

  • Analyses the performance of each hard drive compared with its peers and its own previous records to identify any hard drive that is underperforming and becomes a bottleneck.

  • Automatically triggers the self-repairing process of a degraded volume as soon as you replace the failed disk with a new on.

  • Supports mounting/un-mounting of storage pools while the NAS is online.

SSD Cache

  • SSD Cache Advisor redesigned based on higher granularity, more criteria, and analysis of the I/O patterns of actual workloads, accurately making recommendations on the optimal cache size.

  • Boosts systems performance for backup, snapshot, file scanning or accessing large databases

  • Supports mounting/un-mounting SSD cache without disrupting running services

Resource Monitor

  • Now provides granular visibility into system-level processes and historical performance, helping IT admins pinpoint the root causes and improve ops


Synology Directory Server (formerly Directory Server Windows Domain)

  • Centralising user account and management and authentication as well as group policies.

  • With over a 100% increase in database read performance and over 500% in write performance

  • Dual domain controller, providing load balancing and fail-over

    Synology Drive

  • Powerful online viewer to open and view all popular file formats directly on the web portal

  • Dashboard for admins to review connected devices, database usage and files most accessed by external users to help spot potential data leaks

  • Detailed audit logs

Synology Contacts

  • Brand new contact management system keeping sensitive personal data on-premise

  • Flexible sharing options with permission controls

  • CardDAV support for cross platform

Cloud Services

  • Active Insight, Synologys first cloud monitoring and predictive analytics platform.

  • Centralised monitoring for all connected Synology NAS

  • Real time notifications through email or mobile app

  • Highlights performance fluctuations and current storage usage

Hybrid Share

  • Client devices can access data in the cloud as if it is stored locally, frequently accessed files are cached allowing access and LAN speeds.

  • For cross-site file exchange, individual sites no longer have to sync a full copy of all files. Local space and bandwidth are only consumed when their employees actually start accessing specific files shared by other sites.

  • End-to-end encryption ensures the same level of data privacy as purely on-premises infrastructures


  • Synology announced a number of new products:

    FS3400 all flash array delivering over 134K IOPS
    FS3600 all flash array delivering over 161K IOPS
    SA3600 SAS based array with over 2.8PB Capacity
    UC3200 active-active dual controller for mission critical iSCSI services
    SA3200D active-passive dual controller

    And as pictured below the HD6400 4U 60 Bay array 1PB in a single chassis


Another exciting announcement was the support for fibre-channel network cards that will become available on selected models.

Our only disappointment of the day was the prize draw as the winning ticket was 380 and despite checking in at the same time we ended up with 379 and 381! Stewards enquiry please..